Great places to visit in Italy

A wide variety of geological environments are found in Italy because this country had a long-standing position along plate margins. Italy is placed at the meeting point between the Eurasian Plate and African Plate, thus leading to significant volcanic and seismic activity. As a consequence, the Alps arose, these beautiful mountains that attract thousands of tourists each year in Italy. Whether you travel to this country for its impressive mountains or to explore the history of Italy, you will have an amazing vacation. Travel along a gorgeous lady from London Escort Guide and your entertainment will be guaranteed!

Italy is more than Coliseum, Pantheon, basilicas and pizzas. This impressive country is house to all landforms: mountains, hills, plains, valleys and seas. Whether you wish to ski during winter or have fun at the beach, by the wonderful seas, Italy is a heaven on earth that will fulfill any of your dreams. Come here accompanied by a charming lady from London Escort Guide and you will sure have an unforgettable holiday.

You can have a cultural trip in Rome, travel around the major tourist hot spots and discover the heritage of renowned artists. But you can also have a relaxing vacation, where all you will have to do is just eat their delicious foods, drink the iconic Italian cocktails and lay on the wonderful beach, feeling the warm sun under your feet. Recharge your batteries in the best possible way, request a pampering massage from your delightful companion and make sure that you will rediscover your inner peace.